Villa Umah Surya, the house of sun

Welcome to Villa Umah Surya

A 4 bedroom garden paradise set in the ricefields of Nyanyi.
Upon entering the villa you will walk through a large grassed area which is perfect for children to play away from the main house, a running fountain statue and large established trees providing a garden oasis.

Walking into the main house you enter through the open air living area, that is the heart of the house. With dining tables, a TV couch setup, and a bar, this provides the home base.

Surrounded by lush gardens with large flowering trees, this peaceful residence provides groups and families the ideal Bali holiday.

The master suites are located on the East side of the property and share bathrooms between the rooms, providing the opportunities for a “his” and “her” room or for the children to be close to parents through connect passage ways.

On the West side of the property are 2-ensuited well-furnished bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathrooms.

Between the rooms is another large grass area, and the 17-meter lap pool, which has a gazebo for relaxing in a shaded area by the pool, or for when you enjoy massages.

About The Villa

Villa Umah Surya was conceived and structurally supervised by the architectural firm Habitat in 2011 and completed in the spring of 2012.
In Bali, when something is completed, it only really begins to take shape in terms of design.

The bigger kitchen did not exist at that time, also the guest toilet with the laundry room were not there yet, because the garden behind the living room, as well as the elevated terrace could only be created when this piece of land was added in 2015.

In 2020 we extended the whole driveway area by the piece of land on the right side of the driveway. A well-formed vegetable garden awaits here, so that you can enjoy home grown fresh vegetables.

Now we are happy if you, dear guest, are enjoying this beautiful place.

Staff and facilities

9 lovely employees who want to fulfill your wishes:

  1. Wayan is our Supervisor, Manager and also Driver if that is desired.
  2. Karma, our cook, can pamper you in the evening if you wish
  3. Kadek and Essa, our butlers, are responsible during the day for the physical well-being as well as for the laundry, the rooms and the well-being feeling all around
  4. Dedek, Mamak Adi, Surya, our gardeners, are always present somewhere and take care of a nice garden atmosphere
  5. Ray and Putu are our security guards. They guarantee your undisturbed sleep
  6. Wayan Suica is one of the best out-of-town masseurs. If you want to book him, Wayan Supervisor is at your service

About Wayan Supervisor: whatever questions or concerns you have, Wayan is your contact for that. He will introduce you to everything and make you familiar with it.

To Karma: he is a lecturer in the Hotel Management School Queen, has a teaching assignment there during the day and comes to Villa Umah Surya at about 5:30 pm to prepare the meal that was discussed with him the previous evening, for example. He was on a Norwegian cruise ship for many years, knows all the specialties of the world, can even make Swiss Rösti. He speaks English very well and is a well-traveled man.

To the Butlers, Kadek and Essa:

  1. They prepare the breakfast.*
  2. They prepare the rooms and the bathrooms.
  3. They take the dirty laundry to the laundry room - please report specialties for the handling of the clothes and also the time when you expect certain pieces back.
  4. Special requests for the shopping list are usually taken care of by Essa.
  5. The butlers provide filtered water in the room (we have the best in-house water filtration system available).
  6. They are here for everything that increases the well-being feeling, for example scent essences.

Gardener and Security:
If you have any technical difficulties, please report them to Wayan first. If he is not there and you speak Indonesian, please contact one of the gardeners. If Dedek is there, then ask Dedek.
If you don't speak Indonesian, Essa is a good translator for all cases, also Putu can speak English quite well.

Meals at Villa Umah Surya

From our own experience, when we were in Villa Umah Surya, Wayan had some money from us with which he gave to Essa and also Karma in order to shop for all that is to be bought. This is the easiest way to handle things. Wayan accounts well and accurately. We recommend giving him around one million IDR per week for shopping.
*Please discuss with the butlers your usual menu. They will shop when you want them to. Also tell them if you want to consume something for breakfast or in between. Tell them what you want and they will make it happen.
Karma also shops for the things he needs to prepare exactly your desired meal that you want or that he wants to surprise you with.

Things to consider in the Villa Umah Surya:

    The stone floors are very delicate - in the Livingroom, the terrace, as well as in the guest rooms. We will be grateful for you not to walk around on them with oily feet (especially after a full body massage)

  1. Please report wine stains or other stubborn stains immediately and/or quickly dilute the liquid or whatever it is with water and remove it
  2. We kindly ask you to refrain from smoking in the rooms
  3. Please do not throw sanitary napkins, tampons or condoms into the toilets, otherwise there will be difficult situations which you do not want.
  4. Please put all valuables in the safe and keep it locked when you’re outside
  5. As soon as you see some noticeable defect, please report to Wayan Supervisor
  6. If you ever see a snake in the Villa Umah Surya, which comes from the rice field by chance, then it is usually discovered by our Securities, as it likes to retreat to the trees. It is caught and taken away by Surya, the snake hero. We don't kill snakes, they don't hurt us, we live with them and all the animals which are singing us to sleep and waking us up in the morning. All not dangerous, just be careful in the beginning walking around barefoot on the grass.

    Quick Facts

    Location Nyanyi, Beraban, Kediri, Kab Tabanan, Bali – Indonesia.
    Capacity 8 People
    Bedroom 4 Bedroom (2 Masters Bedrooms with connecting bathrooms and 2 Guest Bedrooms with their own ensuite bathroom; 2 unit Air-conditioned per room).
    Bed Configuration 4 king size beds
    Bathroom 3 inside bathrooms (one master and two guests) and one outside shower and bathtub
    Living Areas Open-air fan-cooled living room; dining area and lounge; adjoining poolside Bale for massages.
    Pool Size The 17-meter Swimming Pool (or 75sqm).
    Internet/WiFi (speed) 10 mbps (Wi-Fi routers dedicated to each room and other locations).
    Staff 9 people (Staff presence including Villa Supervisor; cook; butlers; gardeners; security. Additional staff (babysitters, masseuses) available on request for a small additional cost.
    Property Area Land size: 2,500sqm, villa size: 260sqm
    Built Year 2012
    Additional Facilities Big screen smart TV; Hair dryer and safety box in the rooms;
    Kitchen with full equipment.

    Bali lives its traditions as does Villa Umah Surya

    You will see this when an employee, mostly Kadek Lilly, preying around the villa daily, with small offerings containing various things such as pastries, sweets, a cigarette, a small coin, flower petals, etc., as well as incense sticks, fire, and a bottle of blessed water. She stops at various places in the Villa Umah Surya, bends down, places the basket at that place, chants to it accompanied by one or more incense sticks, and then continues to her next stop. We invite you to be involved in this daily ritual should you want to learn about the culture in Bali whilst on holiday.

    There are many holidays in Bali, each of which is celebrated. It is common to visit the temples, especially the main temple on the wooden desk in front of the Master Room II, and make gifts.

    Internal ceremonies also take place, such as the blessings of all metal machines, including the car. This ritual takes place twice a year. We invite you to come and join in on these ceremonies when you are staying with us at Villa Umah Surya Villa Umah Surya.



    Villa Umah Surya is located in Jalan Pantai Nyanyi, Jalan Setra, Gang Avatar, Desa Beraban, Kecamatan Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali - Indonesia.
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    Rates & Availability



    Season Dates Rates per Night
    Low Season Other Dates 1 bedroom Usage: USD $270 per night.
    2 bedroom Usage: USD $360 per night.
    3 bedroom Usage: USD $450 per night.
    4 bedroom Usage: USD $540 per night.
    High Season Easter Period 2023 (06/04/2023 - 12/04/2023)
    High Season 2023 (01/06/2023 - 31/08/2023)
    1 bedroom Usage: USD $390 per night.
    2 bedroom Usage: USD $480 per night.
    3 bedroom Usage: USD $570 per night.
    4 bedroom Usage: USD $660 per night.
    Peak Season Rate Period 2022 (19/12/2022 - 08/01/2023)
    Period 2023 (19/12/2023 - 08/01/2024)
    4 bedrooms: USD $950 per night.
    *Special Monthly Rate - Low Season: USD 10,000 per month.
    Peak Season: USD 12,500 per month.

    Due to the flexibility in bedroom pricing, we enforce a strict rule of 2 people per room at the rates indicated in the chart above

    Minimum Stay:
    - Low Season: 2 nights on weekdays and 3 nights on weekends.
    - High Season: 5 nights.
    - Peak Season: 10 nights.


    •Tax and services.
    •Full service staff.
    •Drinking water.
    •High chairs, Baby cots & Stroller (as optional extras).
    •AC in all bedrooms.
    •Daily cleaning of inside and outside areas and weekly linen change (private clothes and bath towels can be given to the butlers to be washed and ironed as well before being returned at the guests desired point in time).
    •If wished for, our staff can provide three meals a day for our guests. The butlers will prepare breakfast and/or lunch and our cook will happily prepare dinner for our guests at the villa whenever they choose to dine in, given an adequate amount of money for food supplies (the cook's work is included in the price).


    *Noise restrictions after 10pm.
    *No Smoking at the villa.
    *Outside guests coming to the villa after 5pm will be required to register their visit with our villa staff.
    *Any outside guests that are not registered at our villas, are not permitted to stay without formally informing us about extra guests and this may incur additional charges.


    Bookings & Contact

    Bookings & Contact

    Please send us an email if you need any further information or if you want to enquire about availability (please advise the dates you require and the number of persons). or call / Whats app at +62 813-3864-8034

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